Exposure Calculation with
Remote Sensing and Deep Learning

What is Behind EXRO?
Our computer vision AI models are trained to recognize various topographic features in satellite and street-side images to estimate the risk exposure
of the selected area
Comprehensive assessment of the built infrastructure, land-use patterns, population distribution, and moving objects
Integrated functionality to enrich and calibrate the available dataset with your census and proprietary business data
Fast Large-scale Estimation
Scalable high performance infrastructure for 1000's of km2 allows for economic and insurance exposure, as well as market event losses
How EXRO Analytics Works?
Service allows to assess an insurance portfolio, estimate market exposures, and appraise losses of the NatCat event, such as hurricanes, wild fires, earth quakes, and floods, with as detailed a grid
as 100m x 100m
Exro Analytics helps you you to segregate exposure into your lines of business

Footprint and Height Estimation
Identification of the buildings on the satellite images through segmentation and classification techniques
Object Detection
Recognition of objects like planes, ships, vehicles, tennis courts, swimming pools, baseball diamonds and football pitches

Value Estimation
Granular buildings' value statistics estimation based on satellite and street side images using ensemble learning techniques
With EXRO Analytics you can…
  • Estimate
    economic and insurance exposure for any geographical shape down to 100m x 100m resolution
  • Reconcile
    your insurance portfolio data with EXRO's data, aggregate & disaggregate
  • Perform
    bottom-up analysis of NatCat events such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods & earthquakes
Perfect Service
for Your Needs
Advanced way to assess exposure
at large scale
  • State of the art ML computer vision models
  • Cloud-based scalable high performance computing infrastructure for processing large geographical areas
  • Relies only on open resources
  • Independent from geographical administrative zones
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) with flexible runtime license models (monthly, annually)
  • Skilled team of Senior Software engineers and Data scientists
  • We are ready to customize the product to individual use cases and shape the product roadmap together

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